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simple printing techniques


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Sunday 12.11.23, 11:00-16:30


simply made relief printing, intaglio, monotype, stamp technique, impression technique, roll printing, nature printing, multi-colour printing


With simple means and materials, e.g. stamps, carved tetrapacks, processed styrofoam plates, foils, foam rubber, cut cardboard, rolls and a noodle machine as a printing block, we will go on a printing adventure and explore, try out, design and be surprised by the countless possibilities of transferring colour onto paper.


Feel free to bring along anything you can think of and get your hands on!


(e.g. plants for printing, clean tetrapacks, foam rubber plates approx. A4 (please do not buy extra!), paper scraps for printing, letter stamps, possibly a noodle machine).


And bring something to eat and drink with you.


No previous experience necessary


Participation fee: 60,- / 45,-(residents)

incl. all material 

for large material consumption +10,- material costs



German and Spanish

In the Viento del Norte, Puntagorda, La Palma

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