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Small sculptures


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"Building Nanas"

Saturday and Sunday 25 and 26.11.23, both 11:00-16:30


Inspired by the artist Nicky de Saint Phalle, who became famous for her huge, voluminous and colourful sculptures of women, we will also go on a creative journey into the world of three-dimensional creation.


We build small figures (10-30 cm high) out of wire-wrapped paper covered with papier-mâché or plaster, or out of cut flower-foam covered with paper. In the end, they are colourfully painted to decorate the interior or exterior (for the exterior, a good weatherproof varnish is needed).

We explore the laws and proportions of the human body, then let it all go and find our own abstract approach to our own figurative small sculpture.


No previous knowledge required


Participation fee: 120,- / 90,-(residents)

It is also possible to book only one day, in which case you may have to work on your work at home


incl. all material 

(in case of large material consumption +10,- material costs)


German and Spanish

In the Viento del Norte, Puntagorda, La Palma



  - small flat container for the liquid plaster, approx. 500-1000ml capacity

  - sharp knife

  - large scissors

  - scraps of cotton fabric, approx. 1 square metre

  - Sharpie in black

  - Food and drink

  - Clothes to get dirty

  - if you have acrylic paint and brushes

  - If you have any leftover paper, e.g. Mercadillo bags for the structure

  - If you have binding wire and pliers

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