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Would you also like to have your pictures auctioned?

Great idea!!!

Let's make a big happening!

And maybe you can sell your artwork for a good price!


A short explanation:

- All paintings will be posted/offered at a starting price of 1€. If you don't want your beloved work to be auctioned below your asking price, you can bid on your picture yourself.


- All paintings will be on display at Viento del Norte, Puntagorda from 25-29.9.23. In addition, there is a photo of it on my website, where online bids can also be placed. (here)


- Bids can be placed online (here) or in person at the Viento del Norte until Thursday, 28.9.


- on Friday, 29.9, from 18:00, the auction will take place live, where, taking into account the bids made in person and the online bids, the work will finally be auctioned.


- Deadline for submission of originals: 22.9.2023

    Deadline for the photos online: 22.9.2023


- You do not need to be present at the auction. 


- Invite your friends and acquaintances to the auction on Friday, 29.9. and encourage them to bid on your photos (preferably online before 28.9.). (bid here)


- If many images are submitted, I reserve the right to personally make a selection, e.g. the images that have achieved the higher bids online will have priority.

- If many images are submitted, I reserve the right to personally make a selection, e.g. priority will be given to the images that have achieved the higher bids online.


- Pictures or objects (up to 2m) from the field of visual arts can be submitted.

   (e.g. installations, happenings, music or dance performances cannot be auctioned).


- I accept no liability for lost or damaged works, nor for works that have not been collected within one week of the auction. These will be disposed of after one week

* 10% of the auctioned amount will be retained for the use of space in the Viento and for expenses.

Now it's getting concrete - checklist:


- Fill out the registration form (here) with information about your works (number, title, size, technique, etc.) and your personal details (phone, email).


When you have my written ok, 


- send me the photos of your pictures by Friday, 22.9.23 at the latest, by mail, WhatsApp, Telegram

  (or personally on a Stic), resolution ca 300 dpi, ca 500 KB big, PDF or even better JPEG.


- Each picture must be labelled with your name and the title of the picture on the back.


- Hand in the originals during the opening hours of the Viento, at the latest by Friday 22.9.23, you will receive a confirmation of receipt there, or arrange with me another place of delivery.


- And then keep your fingers crossed for yourself!

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