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in El Tablado




The picturesque little, almost deserted village of "El Tablado" in the far north of La Palma invites us to capture the past, typical and characteristic features of the island with colour and pencil.



Typical little Palmerian houses, dragon trees, palm trees, rugged cliffs, deep barrancos, lush greenery, earthy rock, colourful flowers, dynamic skies and a vast, endless sea. What more does the artist's heart need to translate this wonderful place in deep connection into quick colour sketches?



We work with pencil sketches, then with classic watercolour techniques. Mixed techniques with coloured pencils, charcoal or chalks are also possible.



There will be the opportunity to have lunch or coffee/tea with Claire in her charming little café in El Tablado (bookings are required for lunch).



It is also possible to hike there, there is also a bus connection directly to El Tablado.



Please park somewhere above Claire's café!



And bring drinking water, sun protection and a cushion to sit on. 



No previous knowledge required

Beginners and advanced



Participation fee: 50,- / 40,- (residents)

incl. all materials, but you are welcome to bring your own painting utensils!



German and possibly Spanish and/or English


Aquarell in El Tablado KL.jpg
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