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Draw nude


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SUNDAY 18.2.24, 11:00-16:30


On the trail of the human body


We explore the human figure through drawing, looking for form

and harmony 

and harmony, light and dark, convex and concave, 

static and moving.

And again and again we are faced with the wonder of the divine 

harmonious blueprint that is inherent in each of us.


We start with relaxation exercises, get a rough overview of the 

a rough overview of the laws of distances and proportions 

and proportions and playfully venture into our own translation on our page.


For beginners and advanced students


No previous knowledge required, material is available on site


Participation fee per day: 70,- / 55,- (residents)

both. days: 130,-/ 100,-

incl. all material and modelling costs


German and Spanish

In the Viento del Norte, Puntagorda, La Palma


And on my own behalf: I am still looking for men and women who would like to model for this and upcoming courses, 2 or 4 hours, without much effort, as the positions are often changed. It is also warm. Remuneration for 2 hours: 24€, 4 hours: 48€

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