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We go in search of the great secret

"Perspective", looking for vanishing points, lines of perspective,

foreshortening, gradations of light and dark. We make use of

tools of a motif finder and explore how lines and angles can be

lines and angles can be transferred to the page.

And then we can also forget everything again in order to

instinctively, in a new and unfamiliar way, to conjure up what we have seen on the page.



We mainly work with pencil and eraser on paper,

and can continue with different colour techniques.

colour techniques.





No previous knowledge required, materials will be provided



Participation fee per day: 40,- / 30,- (residents or reductions)

incl. all material 



German and possibly Spanish



Tazacorte Pueblo, at the church under the Bougan villas, above the Bar Marmota, next to the Bar Re-Belle


Translated with (free version)

Perspektive zeichnen KL.jpeg
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