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Bring list

for the workshop "Your picture book"

If you like, you can already prepare for the workshop.

(However, this is not absolutely necessary, as you can also develop everything spontaneously on Saturday)


It will be possible to produce books of between 4 and 30 pages with soft or hard covers. We will first create a story board with sketches for the realisation, then we will go step by step to the realisation of your book(s)!


If you already have a concrete idea for content (text) or pictures, or if you already have existing material, bring it all with you!


If you want to make your book out of stronger paper, it is best to bring such paper with you. This is sometimes available in papelerias, artist shops or China shops. I will provide a medium-thickness paper.

Collages made from cardboard, fabric or other materials are also possible, but I won't be providing these this time, so bring everything you need.


It will also be possible to write text on a computer and print it out on a printer. If you like working with your own laptop, bring it along.


I will provide watercolours, crayons, pencils, charcoal and oil pastels to create the picture pages. If you prefer to work with other techniques, bring your own materials!

We work with white glue, which is difficult to wash off clothes, so bring an apron if you need one.


And then I'm looking forward to our book adventure together!!!

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