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"Building Mobilés"

Sunday 22.10.23, 11:00-16:30


Hanging, moving, unstable and yet stable objects and arrangements are balanced and set in gentle wind movement.

Everything that can be hung, small objects, flotsam and jetsam, natural materials, but also designed pictures, small sculptures, colourful scraps of fabric, cut-out papers, cardboard, plastic foils - simply everything that can be hung will be tied together. 

Whether balanced and hung on wire hangers, or joined together as a standing object. Mobilés are art!


Feel free to bring along anything you can think of and get your hands on!


No previous experience necessary


Participation fee: 60,- / 45,-(residents)

incl. all material 


German and Spanish

In Viento del Norte, Puntagorda, La Palma

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