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Sunday 25.2.23, 11:00-16:30


Manual stamping and printing techniques


It's all very simple. With colour, rollers, print templates and paper, we create experimental print art.


We develop 

- Flat printing and monotype on glass plates, 

- Intaglio printing with tetrapack printing blocks and a pasta machine as a printing press, 

- relief printing with pieces of camping mat or polystyrene plates, 

- stamping techniques 

- and whatever else wants to happen


Anything that is suitable as a print template or stamp can be tried out: 

Foam rubber, cords, rubber waste, plastic bottle caps, corks and anything else that can be printed on will be converted into functional stamps and printing materials.


We combine everything with colour, paper, cardboard and create something concrete, abstract or crazy. 


And let our imagination run wild!



No previous knowledge required


Participation fee

60,- /45,-(residents) 


incl. all material 


German and Spanish, English if necessary


In the Viento del Norte, Puntagorda, La Palma

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